200W Led Profile Studio & Theater Light

We took a long time to research and design this lamp, with black high strength ABS material, no smell and flame retardant, small size and light weight. And different types of shadows can be changed due to the 4 pcs shutters. This type of lamp is suitable for the field of studio, cinema with high color rendering ability

Ellipsoidal lighting should be present in the image. Lighting systems designed for studios and other applications where high definition lighting is required. Color temperature produces cool and warm colors (3200 or 5600K), and 2in1 versions can range from 3200K to 5600K - white light that looks like natural sunlight and simulates the performance of tungsten fixtures

200W Led Profile Studio & Theater Light

Lamp power:200W LED

Power supply:AC 110-230 V, 50 Hz

Beam angle: 26 Deg

Control: DMX, Autorun and Master/Slave

CRI:> 90

Color Temperature: 3200K / 5600K

Dimensions:W 300 x L 700 x H 310 mm

Weight:7.5 Kg

Shutter: Beam shaping shutter or plastic gobo projection assembly