The Summer Camping & Music Festival 2014

  • 30/03/2019.
  • The annual Summer Camp & Music Festival kicks off again for the third time in 2014 back in the woods of Northern Wisconsin August 15-17 with the legendary BASSNECTAR bass conductor, WU-TANG CLAN , Big Gigantic of Colorado, and many more artists. The program has no age limit and takes place within 2 days with many interesting performances that stir up the atmosphere regardless of day or night.    

    The location in the open area is a great choice not only because of the security measures but also because visitors will enjoy good music under the summer night sky. With a large area that can accommodate up to thousands of people, everyone can immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere of this festival and forget all the troubles in life. The organizers promise that the festival will take place regardless of rain or shine. They will only cancel it in case it happens that could harm visitors due to inclement weather.

    The summer music festival brings everyone together for an explosive encounter with never-ending live music, plenty of entertainment, and delicious food and drink. Helping people to relax after stressful working days and make new friends of different ages

    Summer Camping & Music Festival requires singers to coordinate with a music producer and a DJ to combine to be able to stir up the atmosphere into a vibrant, flexible display. games and dances for everyone to enjoy.

    The program has invited many famous singers and DJs to attend, Brighter is very proud to have had the opportunity to cooperate with the Summer Camp & Music Festival program, to increase the level of excitement. for the show and increased the drama, climaxing when the singer started to stir up the atmosphere

    In addition to sound, light is an extremely important factor to help create many emotional frames, impressive visual effects for viewers and create a more wonderful space for the event. A beautiful lighting system will better convey the message to the attendees, increase the aesthetics of the program, increase the value for the event, attract viewers, because they understand the importance of the program and the scale. organization, Brighter always strives to provide the best solutions to add value to its customers.

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