Cmy Outdoor Led 3000W Ip66

Cmy Outdoor Led 3000W Ip66 is an improved light to last long in rainy and high humidity areas and at the same time, it can guarantee the power and working temperature in all different conditions (hot and humid or cold)

Cmy Outdoor Led 3000W Ip66 features an LED motor cooling system, and noise levels can be controlled to a very low level — and lower when running in theater mode (39dB). Furthermore, for ease of rotation and horizontal or tilting use, Brighter has upgraded to a new non-contact magnetic encoder positioning system that gives lighting designers more precision. and more stable. In addition, the Brighter also adds a new feature that is a changeable light angle of 6° -56°, ​​with autofocus.

Cmy Outdoor Led 3000W Ip66

Input Voltages: 100V-240V AC,50/60Hz

Input Power: 1500W@220V

Power factor: PF>0.95

Light Source: Lamp 1200W ,LED white(8000K,20000hrs)

CRI : Ra ≥70, Ra ≥95(Optional)

Cto: Linear CTO system(0-100%)

Prism: 1pc of 4-facet circular prism, bi-directional rotation with varied speeds with indexing function

Working Temperature: 45℃ at maximum

Note:If the ambient temperature is below minus 20℃, please reset a projector after preheating it by striking the lamp for more than 30 minutes.

Frost: 1frost filter ( 0-100% linear )

Effect Wheel: 1 animation effect wheel, bi-directional rotation with varied speeds

Head Movement: Pan 540º, Tilt 270º with auto position correction and 16 bit control

Strobe: Electronic strobe, 0.3~25 F.P.S

Control: International standard DMX512 signal with 5-pin DMX512 interfaces

Beam Angle: Linear zoom 6°~ 56°with 16 bit precision


Application scenario

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    Control Room


Intelligent Front Access

Non- touching system. All modules, systems, power supplies and cables are front accessible.

16:9 Ratio

The world's first golden ratio of 16:9 standard cabinet Consistent with the pupil ratio of the human eye Compatible with 2K, 4K and 8K Bezel-free

Dual Backup System

Power supply, signal cable, control system, socket backup available

Automatic Detection

Each LED module supports temperature, voltage and connection detection.

Automatic Calibration


High Grey Scale Under Low Brightness


Support Wall Mounting And Hanging


Secure And Stable

Cabinet and module are cable- free

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