Moving Head Light 350W 3In1 Spot & Wash & Beam

The Moving Head Light 350W 3in1 Spot & Wash & Beam uses a 350W discharge source to ensure consistent high quality for most large venues and event productions. In addition, the light is also integrated

And convince with its powerful performance and all with its versatile features. It is also a great utility fixture as it acts as a beam, spot and wash light, all operated in one function, with 2 degree - 30 degree angle zoom, and chauvet 350 beam has 3 prism system: 1x 8 prism plus 1x16 prism and 1 x straight 6-sided prism, rotating in both directions and can be combined for better effect. With 3 super fast and super fast recipes. LCD touch shape display for easy and convenient operation.

Moving Head Light 350W 3In1 Spot & Wash & Beam

Lamp: Philips MSD Platinum 15R or YODN 15R (life 2200 hours)

Color temperature: 8000K

Channel mode: 20 DMX512 Channel

Pan scan: 540° (16bit) Electric correction

Tilt scan: 270° (16bit) Electric correction

Amazing dot matix four tact switch, 180° turning show

Color wheet: one color wheel, 14kinds of color chips in one color wheel

Gobo: 17gobos

Effect wheel: rotation eight prism, effect move, frost 0-100% mechanical dimming and free dimming available, strobe macro control available

Lens optical system achanical fouce, beam angle 0-4°

Over heat protection

Power Input: 100-240V, 50/60Hz