“Primrose” Love Is Where Peace Begins

  • 30/03/2019.
  • When winter brings cold winds, arid trees, sudden rains give way to warm spring, birds chirping, trees sprouting buds is also the time for primrose flowers. bloom. Therefore, people often call the primrose flower the spring leopard flower, it symbolizes the beauty and grace of youth.

    The way the primrose flowers bloom is very special. When the warm, bustling sunshine of the sun shines, the primrose flowers reach out their pretty buds to catch the sun. But when the quiet night falls, everything falls asleep, that's when the primroses stretch out towards the moon, opening their first silvery glittering petals. With the characteristic that it only blooms at night, the primrose is considered a symbol of silent love.

    Despite the ups and downs, we are still together until now, sympathizing and overcoming, encouraging each other when we both face difficulties. Somewhere in their hearts, they both want a peaceful and quiet love.

    Brighter was very lucky to have the opportunity to accompany the couple Lisa - Alex and follow their entire love story. In order to highlight this beauty, we adjusted the lights to pink - white, which is a symbol of lightness and purity like the love of these two young people.

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